19 February 2017

City Guide to Copenhagen

City Guide to Copenhagen

I couldn't resist sharing one last post about Copenhagen with you all.

Call me obsessed, but this city deserves a decent amount of air time! I've already talked about highlights such as Rosenborg Slot, Christiansborg Palace, Torvehallerne Food Market, and the Design Museum Danmark - but believe it or not, there are still a few treasures to add to your must-see list...

Why not start with the Marble Church?

The Marble Church, Copenhagen (Marmorkirken)

'Marmorkirken' is a stunning architectural delight, situated just a stone's throw away from the royal residences. You can spot its grand dome glinting in the sunlight from various points across the city {in fact, see if you can spot it in my last post} - so Mr Maggie May and I had decided early on that we wanted to explore it a little more.

The Marble Church, Copenhagen (Marmorkirken)

It's imposing, it's majestic - and it's truly beautiful. As we stepped inside, we both gave an audible gasp and uttered a quiet, 'Wow!'

The Marble Church, Copenhagen (Marmorkirken)

The Marble Church, Copenhagen (Marmorkirken)

Another bonus: it's free to look inside. Enough reasons to visit yet? If you need one more, it's the same building which pops up at various points during The Danish Girl {confusingly, it appears during the scenes set in Paris... But still!}

Another beauty which features in the film is Børsen. 

Børsen, Copenhagen (Stock Exchange)

Never before had we seen such a pretty stock exchange.

Børsen, Copenhagen (Stock Exchange)

Børsen, Copenhagen (Stock Exchange)

And then there's the Rådhus too; more famously known as Copenhagen City Hall.

Rådhus, Copenhagen (Copenhagen City Hall)

{^ Not the best snap of me, I'll admit, but I was bunged up with cold that frosty November day...}

It's home to Jens Olsen's World Clock, a fancy work of genius which is, again, free to look at. Mr MM's inner geek {not so well hidden} was very excited...

Jens Olsen's World Clock, Radhus, Copenhagen (Copenhagen City Hall)

Jens Olsen's World Clock, Radhus, Copenhagen (Copenhagen City Hall)

What about the Rundetaarn?

Rundetaarn, Copenhagen (Round Tower)

I love the story behind this Round Tower; it's said that not only did a Tsar ride his horse all the way up the spiral ramp, but a car also made its way to the top... You can venture up for some good views across Copenhagen {although we decided to get our money shots from Christiansborg's tower instead}

Despite soaking up the Crown Jewels at Rosenborg, I still hadn't quite had my royal fix, so we paid a quick visit to Amalienborg Slot - home of the Danish royal family.

Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

You can walk just a few steps from the Marble Church to the charming cobbled square where the buildings of the palace are situated.

Marble Church, Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

Changing of the Guard -  Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

The best way of seeing all of these sights - and more - is by jumping on one of the canal boats and taking a cruise through the city.

Copenhagen Canal Tour

We had a wonderful hour's trip through the network of picturesque {and chilly} waterways of Copenhagen, and were able to see areas further afield from where we were based, as well as the main hotspots from the comfort of our boat. I'm always one for finding a river cruise on city breaks - but this one was particularly good.

Lightship, Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Opera House, Copenhagen

View of Marble Church and Amalienborg Palace from Copenhagen Canal Tour

Bicycles in Copenhagen

Canal Cruise in Copenhagen - Nyhavn

That's it: I promise I'm finally done babbling about how great the Danish capital is. But if you need any more travel tips or recommendations... you know where to find me!

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