16 February 2018

Stroopwafel Cheesecake

Stroopwafel Cheesecake

Happy Friday!

What a busy week it’s been, what with both Shrove Tuesday and Valentine’s Day in the space of 48 hours... We can barely move, what with the amount we’ve eaten.

One of the things we gorged on this week was cheesecake. And not just any old cheesecake - oh no. This was cheesecake made with stroopwafels!

As soon as I saw the lovely Jennie’s recipe appear on Instagram, I knew I had to try and make it. Mr MM and I had a wonderful trip to Amsterdam last year, and often enjoy a stroopwafel with a cup of coffee as a fond reminder of our time there. This cheesecake then was the obvious choice of dessert to whip up for Valentine’s Day.

14 February 2018


Writing - Maggie May

I’ve noticed something about my blog posts; the ones which I enjoy writing the most appear to be the ones which you, dear readers, seem to enjoy reading the most. How convenient!

My next observation is that these posts tend to be my most honest, and the ones where I really write. The ones where I truly focus on portraying my emotions and feelings in an accurate way, and sometimes lay myself very bare. It’s these posts which seem to reach out to folk, to invoke similar sentiments and reactions.

I love to hear from readers of the blog who have been through situations like mine, both the positive and the negative, or who have struggled with the same battles I have. Whether it’s to offer their own support or advice, or whether it’s to say thank you for helping them to realise that they are not alone, it is always incredibly rewarding and humbling to read these comments.

The crux of the matter is – I love writing this blog. 

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